508 Compliance Services – All You Should Know

Have you used mobile phones or the laptops standing in the year of 1990? Obviously, those were just the dreams then. You could not even think about a handy computer or a telephone which will easily fit into your pocket and you can do anything on that device. The same goes for the business possessors. The marketing of their business was only based on the newspapers, pamphlets, Television advertisements and word of mouth. As the technology grew up and the advancement introduced a completely new world in front of us and that’s called the internet. Each and every individual was driving towards it and it was widespread within a night.

The huge popularity and the wide acceptance led the people to consider the internet to be a vital part of the business. The website came into the market and took the market by storm. With the humongous opportunity for the businesses, ample of the websites were created and with the continuous progression, websites are being built still now in a large number. But there are a few things which would be considered as the minimal matter but can affect your website severely. Basically, the website is built for the online presence of your business. Showcasing your products and services is one of the main aspects that you have in your mind.

What if someone cannot access to the amazing products you have shown on your website? It is possible when an individual is visually disabled. They hardly can see anything and your website is overlooked for the same reason. 508 Compliance is something that can take your website out of this hassle. With a single line of code embedded in your website’s backend, your website can meet the accessibility criteria of WCAG 2.0 AA and the particular website can be seen by every individual according to their preference.

The conventional 508 Compliance services usually take a prolonged time and complicated programming which can take your precious time. For the lengthier websites, the conventional 508 could take almost 2400 hours for 200 operable pages and it can take even longer for the PDF. With the single line of code, your site will automatically meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility. If you embed the code in your website, you would be able to see an icon on top of your website that will ensure you about the accessibility. There you can find multiple useful functionalities.

Color Adjustment for the Visually Impaired:

The website’s color will automatically fit according to your visual preference by just a click on the icon. The visually impaired people will also get the access to the website’s content without any difficulties.

Color Adjustment for the Color Blind:

If you are a color blind, that would not come in the way of reading the content of a website. If the website has the 508 compliance, you can click on the icon and spontaneously the colors will be converted to black and white.

Hide Animations and Flashes:

If you are uncomfortable with the animations and flashes, it also can be stopped with a click. The pictures and sliders will be there but without those animated effects.

Normal View:

You can get back to the normal look and feel of the website anytime you want.

Font Size:

If you are feeling uneasy with the font size of the website, you can enlarge the fonts or can reduce that according to your visual comfort.